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Laboratory with equipment

1. Screening of live cell cultures OPERETTA (Perkin Elmer)

2. Genomic microarray scanner high resolution (Agilent)

3. Multiplex detection system ChemiDoc MP Imaging System (Bio-Rad)

4. Workstation HPZ800

5. Rotary evaporator Hei-VAP

6. Vacuum pump (Vacumbrand)

7. Analytical scales OhausAV114C

8. Electrophoretic cell "Protean"

9. Thermal cycler for amplification of nucleic acids in 1000, the performance of C1000 Touch complete c CFX96 optical reaction module

10. Freezer FORMA 906 (-50 ... -86 oC; 651 liters, Thermo Scientific)

11. Microscope with GFP and a camera attachment (Olimpus)

12. CO2 incubator (Sanyo)

13. Vortex MSH-300 (Heidolph)

14. pH-meter PB-11 (Sartogosm)

15. Flash chromatography system Isolera4

16. Solid-state thermostat ReaxTop

17. Magnetic stirrer with heating included MRHei-Tec

18. Shaker S4 (ELMI) platform UP-12

19. Thermo ES-20 (BioSan)

20. Centrifuge / vortex FVL-2400N (BioSan)

21. Thermostat BioWB-4MS (BioSan)

22. Rotamiks RM-1L cancer 11mm (ELMI)

23. System Milli-Q (Millipore) for water

24. Tabletop refrigerated centrifuge Z383K

25. Microcentrifuge Z216MK

26. Granular ice machine ice Icematic F80C

27. Autoclave nastolnyyDGM-200 (DGM PHARMA-APPARATE HANDEL)

28. Laminar BL-22

29. Complex laboratory equipment Lab-Pro

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Laboratory Equipment

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