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Alexander Belyakov

Alexander V. Belyakov graduated from Leningrad Technological Institute in 1977 where he received qualification of engineer in the field of the chemistry and technology of sorbents (a first-class diploma).

In 1976 he was sent at the Department of Chemistry of Moscow State University for performing his diploma and postgraduate work in the Laboratory of Electron Diffraction on theme "Molecular Structure of Organic Compounds by Gas-Phase Electron Diffraction using Vibrational Spectroscopy Data".

In 1980 A.V. Belaykov received a degree of Candidate of Chemical Sciences and returned at the Department of Organic Chemistry of Leningrad Technological Institute where he works as a senior scientist and a head of Regional Laboratory of Spectroscopy Investigations of Organic Compounds.

He worked at the Department of Chemistry of Oslo University (Norway) and at the Department of Chemistry of Tubingen University (Germany) and participated at the work of European Symposiums on Molecular Structure in England, Germany and Russia.

In 2002 A.V. Belyakov received a degree of Doctor of Chemical Science. From 2011 A.V. Belyakov works as a head of the Department of General Physics of Saint-Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University). 

A.V. Belyakov was a principal investigator of the projects rewarded by the Grant No. J2Q100 from International Science Foundation and Russian Government and by Grants No. 99-03-09207; 10-03-00320аfrom Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research (RFFR). He participated in the Grants 94-03-09207-а; 00-03-32740-а; 07-03-91557-ННИО-а; 09-03-91340-ННИО_а; 12-03-91330-ННИО_аfrom RFFR and DFG. He is an author of more than 150 scientific publications.

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