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Gleb Ivanov

Gleb Ivanov, PhD, Senior Sientist Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology.


Awarded Master of Science degree in Biology The St. Petersburg State University, Biophysics Department. Master’s thesis: “Some hydrodynamic and optical properties of the DNA -histone H1 complexes”.  

Awarded Doctor of Philosophy degree, St. Petersburg Institute of Cytology Ph.D. dissertation “Analysis of the nucleosome level organization of the chromatin from different origin.”


Researcher, Research Associate at the Laboratory of Biochemical Basis of Cell Reproduction, headed by professor V. I. Vorob'ev, Institute of Cytology Russian Academy of science. St. Petersburg, Russia..

Research Associate, Department of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics, Boston University School of Medicine, laboratory of Dr. Josef Ozer. Boston, MA 02111 USA

Post Doc, Rresearch associate Molecular Oncology Research Institute, New England Medical Center, laboratory of Dr. N. Barlev. Boston, MA 02111 USA

Fellow Research, Surgery Department, Creighton University, laboratory of Dr. Peter Thomas. Omaha, NE 68178 USA.

Fellow Research, Biomedical Sciences Department, Creighton University, laboratory of Dr. Devendra Agrawal,. Omaha, NE 68178 USA

Senior researcher, Department of Biology, Moscow State University. Laboratory Regulation of Transcription and Replication (Head - Prof. VM Studitsky)

Research interests:

  • Structural and functional organization of chromatin.In a series of studies has showed how functional properties of chromatin correlates with their the ability to fold under  ionic strength increasing and length of  the nucleosome repeat .
  • The role of covalent modifications of histones and transcription factors in the realization of a cell programs.Described a new mechanism of regulation of p53 through methylation of lysine by Set9 methyltransferase. Set9 specifically methylates a single amino acid of the protein p53 in the carboxyl-terminal regulatory domain. Methylated p53 confined to the nucleus and this modification has a positive effect on its stability. The  role of methylation of p53 on the cell cycle arrest when DNA damage had proved.
  • I am interested inthe role of non-coding RNAs in the differentiation and maintenance of the differentiated state of cells. 


Ivanov G. S, Ivanova T, Kurash J, Ivanov A, Chuikov S, Gizatullin F, Herrera-Medina EM, Rauscher F, Reinberg D, Barlev N. A. Methylation-acetylation interplay activates p53 in response to DNA damage. Mol Cell Biol. 2007 Oct;27(19):6756-69. Epub 2007 Jul 23

Mariko L. Howe, Zareen F. Mehmud, Shamol Saha, Michael Buratovich, Erica A. Stutius, Heath D. Schmidt, Angela L. Lenon, Candice Reddicks, Gleb S. Ivanov, Stefan A. Przyborski, and Jozef S. Ozer Transcription Factor IIA _ Is Associated with Undifferentiated Cells and Its Gene Expression Is Repressed in Primary Neurons at the Chromatin Level In Vivo. Stem Cells and Development 15:175–190 (2006)

Sergei Chuikov, Julia K. Kurash, Jonathan R. Wilson, Bing Xiao, Neil Justin, Gleb S. Ivanov, Kristine McKinney, Paul Tempst, Carol Prives, Steven J. Gamblin, Nickolai A. Barlev, Danny Reinberg Regulation of p53 activity through lysine methylation. Nature 2004 (18 Nov); 432, 353 - 360

Ivanov GS, Kater JM, Jha SH, Stutius EA, Sabharwal R, Tricarico MD, Ginsburg GS, Ozer JS., Sp and GATA factors are critical for Apolipoprotein AI downstream enhancer activity in human HepG2 cells. Gene. 2003 Dec 24;323:31-42.

G. S. Ivanov, O. I. Podgornaya, V. I. Vorobyev, Nucleosome repeat of satellite 3 chromatin is different in embryo liver and placenta of human. Tsitologia (Rus.) . 1997, Vol. 39, No.1, pp.64-65.

E. I. Ramm, G. S. Ivanov, V. I. Vorobyev, Study of peculiarities of the structural organization of chromatin of different origin., Biokhimiya (Rus.), 1993, Vol. 58, No.10, pp.1604-1615.

E. I. Ramm, G. S. Ivanov, V. I. Vorobyev, Conformational peculiarities of the sea urchin sperm chromatin Molekularnaya biologiya (Rus.), 1993, 27, 1061-1069.

Sapozhnikova N.A.,Ramm.E.I., Ivanov G.S., Tkeshelashvili L.K. Comparative investigation of nucleosome particles from chromatin isolated from normal or tumor cells 2. Reconstitution, compaction and association imposed by ionic strength., Molekularnaya biologiya (Rus.), 1988, Vol. 22, p. 1353-1358.

Sapozhnikova N.A., Ramm E.I., Ivanov G.S., Tkeshelashvili L.K. Comparative investigation of nucleosome particles from chromatin isolated from normal or tumor cells 1. Structural parameters, Molekularnaya biologiya(Rus.), 1988, Vol. 22, pp. 1345-1352.

Koryakina N.I., Ramm E.I., Ivanov G.S.,. Grechishko B.S., Burichenko B.K Investigations of complexes of DNA with synthetic peptide fragments of histone H2B N-terminal parts, Khimiya prirodnykh soedinenii (Rus.), 1987, Vol. 5, p. 708-713.

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