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Pavel Davidovich

Davidovich Pavel, senior scientist.

Finished the department of Molecular Biotechnology of Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology (Technical University) in 2010 , from 2010 postgraduate student of the Inorganic Chemistry department of the same institute.

Main areas of interest are:

  • Inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry;
  • Computational biology and chemistry;
  • Drug design.


  • N.S. Panina, A.N. Belyaev, A.V. Eremin and P.B. Davidovich. DFT quantum-chemical study of the hydrolysis products of Fe(II) and Fe(III) aqua-complexes. // Russ.J.Gen.Chem. 2010. V. 80, № 5, pp.889-894.
  • N.S. Panina, P.B. Davidovich and A.N. Belyaev. Quantum-chemical DFT study of acid properties of thiols RSH and ligand power of their anions RS. // Russ.J.Gen.Chem. 2010. V. 80, № 9, pp. 1800-1805.
  • D. N. Nikolaev, Yu. S. Klimenicheva, P. B. Davidovich and L. B. Piotrovskii. The use of solid phase synthesis for the preparation of monoadducts of fullerene C60 // Russian Chemical Bulletin, International Edition, Vol. 61, No. 4, pp. 853—857.
  • P.B. Davidovich, N.A. Sanina, A.N. Belyaev, S.M. Aldoshin. The Study of the Effect of S-nitrosylation on the Transcription Factor NF-kB by the Methods of Computational Chemistry and Biology. BIT's 5-th Anniversary of Protein and Peptide Conference (PepCon-2012). March 23-25 2012, Beijing, China, p.252.
  • Davidovich P., Belyaev A. New Roussin’s Red Salt Ether with furylmethanthiol ligand. XXV International Chugaev conference in coordination chemistry. June 6-11 2011, Suzdal, Russia, p. 44.
  • P. Davidovich, V. Tribulovich, T. Rozen, N. Barlev, A. Garabadzhiu, G. Melino. E3 Ligase and the p53 Family Proteins Interaction Modeling. 8th International Conference on the Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure\Systems Biology (BGRS\SB-2012). June 25-29, Novosibirsk, Russia, p. 78.
  • P. Davidovich, A. Belyaev. Structure of the Roussin’s Red Salt Ether with Bzh bridging Ligand. VII Russian chemistry conference in polynuclear and cluster compounds «Claster-2012». June 17–22 2012, Novosibirsk, Russia, p. 275.

Research Work Experience: