International Conference Novel Therapeutic Strategies in Cancer

Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to welcome you to the workshop “Novel Therapeutic Strategies in Cancer” in Saint Petersburg.

This workshop has been sponsored by the St Petersburg Institute of Technology (Technical University) as part of the Special Grant of the Government of the Russian Federation for State Support of Scientific Research under the Guidance of Leading Scientists in the Russian Institutions of Higher Education. The Medical Research Council (MRC) will contribute to the organization and the journal “Cell Death and Disease” will publish a scientific report.

The main focus of this meeting is on innovative therapeutic aspects in the field of tumour suppressors, both defining novel targets and allowing their exploitation for potential clinical use. The workshop provides a chance for researchers to share their research interests, discuss pivotal questions in the field and explore collaboration opportunities. 

Recent progress in cell death, stem cell and cancer research has provided a new paradigm of direction, from analytical approaches to integration from gene to live cells, using animals and patients with constructive approaches.

The workshop will cover a variety of essential and important topics on regulation of tumours by oncosuppressors with a special focus on those that belong to the p53 family of proteins. Important questions of cell death regulation, metabolism of tumour cells, stem cell differentiation will be discussed under the main theme: "Paradigm Shift to Integrated and Translational innovative Therapeutic Targets ─ Gene, Function and Diseases." We will share frontier findings, our views as well as discuss pivotal questions both in the field and approaches to therapeutic targeting. The workshop will also provide a platform for development of collaboration opportunities.

We very much hope you have a productive and enjoyable time and hope to hear from you.

 Yours sincerely,

The Organisational Committee


          September 11-12th, 2012


          Saint Petersburg Institute of Technology (Technical University), Russia

Conference Topics
  • p53 proteins - perspective pharmacological targets
  • Inhibitors and activators of autophagy
  • Role of p53 in the regulation of metabolism of cancer cells
  • Role of microRNAs in the regulation of apoptosis
  • Role of antioxidant proteins in the regulation of genome stability
  • Mechanisms of differentiation of stem cells
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